Ditch That Home Phone And Save

There is no way around the changing times. Used to be you had to have a home phone and a cell phone. You needed the cell to keep in touch in the field and the landline at home so people could call you because cellular was not very good inside. There was no way to marry the two technologies so we deal with it. But then again, I remember the bag phone that was the size of my mother's purse and the brick phone that everyone used to have.

Yes, I just dated myself but you know what? It really makes me appreciate all the advances in technology and how it makes my life so much easier and less complicated today. Everything is starting to work together. Manufacturers are sharing technology and standardizing the ways things talk to each other so you can have something from maker "A" talking well to another device by company "C" which is connected through one by manufacturer "B".

Back in the early days everyone made to make proprietary things that only worked with their stuff and as a result. A lot of companies went out of business and a lot of time was wasted on that technology that could have been used to advance the good of things. Take for instance VHS and Beta VCRs. Beta was the best picture quality hands down. But we know who won.

Ok, enough regression.

Ditching your home phone and latching on to one of the many Bluetooth compatible home phones out there is going to take an initial investment. But you can ditch the old conventional landline attached to the pole outside and that will save you money.

You can actually have a system in place so the moment you walk into your front (or back) door it knows you are there and automatically routes all your cell calls to the phones that are wired up into the Bluetooth home phones network set up in your Home. No more will you find yourself scurrying out of the toilet with a trail of toilet paper following you down the hallway as you run down the stairs to get to your cell phone. Only to have them hang up just as you pop it open; Which then allows you to review some words you have not said in some time.

No, with this technology your phones all ring and you just go to whichever one Is closest to you at that time. How easy is that? I mean think of how that will free you up to move about and how much easier your life in the old homestead will be.

The bottom line here is that you can and should ditch that antiquated landline ridden phone and go with one of the Bluetooth compatible home phones. You will only need to remember one phone number not two and you can get the best of both worlds while saving enough to offset the cost and maybe even buy something nice for yourself.