Diverse Uses of Vacuum in Daily Life

Vacuum pumps have diverse use in life today. People will relate the word vacuum spontaneously with cleaners they are most familiar with and use in homes. However, there are many ways in which such pumps are associated with our daily life. Examples are, use of such pumps for manufacturing or production, medical purposes and cleaning purposes. The parts of devices or machines are prone to wear and tear, nothing can last forever. A number of vacuum parts require to be replaced whenever these go faulty. All such parts are available in the market. Some companies maintain maintenance services as after sales service to replace the parts as necessary.

Such suction devices work on the mechanism of difference in pressure. There is flow of material from high pressure to low pressure. This phenomenon is practically used to serve many purposes. We see the uses as cleaning homes to suck dust and dirt through vacuum cleaners. Medically such pumps are used for sucking accumulated fluid in the body and also for curing certain dysfunctions. Industrially, this device is used for transferring materials. Basic parts of such devices are inlet or suction port, the motor, fan, exhaust, collection bag or discharge hose. In vacuum cleaning devices, there is additionally a filter used to filter out the sucked up materials before final collection in the bag. Depending upon type of device, these basic parts vary in complexity to perform desired function. The latest introduction of types of such cleaners comes in various forms of functioning. These are small hand-held cleaners, upright cleaners, drum type vacuum cleaners, back-pack units, pneumatic wet/dry cleaners, canister type cleaners and even robotic type cleaners. There also small cleaners to clean to watches. A specific type of suction pump based on this mechanism used for cleaning the septic tanks.

Industrially these devices are very much in use for transferring toxic materials. For industrial applications, these devices are more complex due to necessity of high degree of vacuum for easy and fast transfer of materials in large quantities. In many types of industrial applications, these devices are required to be arranged in series for completing process in stepwise manner. In a number of situations, the pumps are made to handle materials at high temperatures. A large number of such units are custom made with specified designing. This makes the machine able to withstand harsh conditions and perform effectively.

Therapeutically, such devices are much in use for suction. Usually after procedure of operations, there is undesirable accumulation of body fluid. When there is a necessity of removal of the fluid, the device is use to suck out the fluid. Suction of body fluid may have to be done continuously. Often suction of body fluid works as life saving essential in a course of medical treatment. The penis pumps have been in use for long time as a treatment against male impotency. Such kind of mechanical device to aid natural function has to work with extreme calibrations. If not, the force of suction may lead to rupture of blood vessels.

Of course, there are quite diverse applications of vacuum and it is growing with advancements. But, as of now, the role of such devices is substantial.