DIY Flooring – Matching Flooring With the Room

One of the most important things you should consider when choosing your DIY flooring is the room you will be installing the flooring in. Different types of flooring are more suited to certain rooms than others. This article will help guide you in choosing the right flooring with your room.

Kitchens kits are often high traffic areas. It is important to purchase flooring that is easy to clean and durable. You may also want to consider purchasing flooring with a non-skid surface to prevent falls on a wet floor. Vinyl flooring is the most popular in kitchens, although ceramic tile is on the rise. Laminated wood flooring is also a good choice as it is more durable than hardwood flooring and easier to clean.

Bathroom The most important feature of bathroom flooring is that it is waterproof. If water is able to see below the flooring it can cause mildew, mold and rot damage. Like in the kitchen, bathroom flooring should be easy to clean and non-skid. Good choices are vinyl and ceramic tile.

Living Room Your options for living room flooring are wide open. You can use carpeting, wood flooring, laminate or just about any other flooring type. The important thing is to match the function and decor of the room. For a more formal living room, hardwood flooring or tile may work. For a family room, carpeting is a good choice.

Dining Room The important thing to keep in mind for the dining room is stain resistance. Light colored carpeting is probably not a good choice due to the possibility of food spillage. Wood, laminate, and tile are good options.

Bedroom Carpeting is a very popular choice for bedrooms. They tend to receive little traffic or wear. It is a good idea to use neutral colors so as not to overwhelm the other aspects of the bedroom and leave flexibility in the design of the room.

Hallways & Stairs These areas tend to be very high traffic areas. You want to make sure that you choose a flooring that is easy to clean and durable. Laminate, vinyl, and wood flooring are good choices. Ceramic tiles are also a popular choice for entry ways as they are easy to clean and provide an eye-appealing first impression to your home.

Remember that the most important thing in choosing flooring for your DIY flooring project is to choose something that you like and will match the decor in your home. But if you keep the above recommendations in mind, you can also choose a flooring that will last for a long time and does not require a large amount of maintenance.