DIY Handrails For the Home

Do you have plans to build a deck anywhere on your house? How about the swimming pool area? Don’t forget that garden, terrace or patio; they’ll benefit from installation of a handrail system, too.

Let’s talk about some of these applications for DIY handrails in your home. The staircase issue is a major one. As you know, safety is a huge concern whenever steps or stairs are involved. If you have staircases that do not have handrails on them, there is considerable risk of falling while ascending or descending them. This can be a huge liability to you in regard to your family, friends and other visitors to your home. Installation of a stainless steel handrail system would serve dual purposes; it would provide the safety needed to protect against falls and it would allow a design improvement that would complement your décor and change the look of the room.

If you have a staircase which is in need of repair, the same safety concerns apply. Replacing the existing railing with a brushed stainless steel railing would increase the safety potential as well as improve the staircase’s aesthetic value. You could incorporate this improvement into a room remodel that modifies the decorating theme.

Another use for DIY handrails, and another safety concern, is the perimeter of your swimming pool. If you own a swimming pool, you accept a considerable burden for the possibility of unintended “guests” (humans or animals) who wander into your pool area (for whatever purpose), accidentally falling into the pool and possibly drowning. Installing a steel handrail system that incorporates either glass or wire rigging would secure your pool area in a safe and attractive manner.

How about the deck you built on the house last year? Or, even the one you’re planning to build this year? You can add safety as well as a clean, classy look to your deck with the addition of a DIY handrail system. The brushed stainless steel finish combined with wire rigging looks great with any wooden deck and it is safe and secure for you, your family and your guests.

These DIY handrails are available in modular systems that are easy, safe and quick to install. You can design your own look by combining the steel with stone, glass or wire rigging. Use these systems in any area in which a handrail could be utilized and provide safety, first and foremost, with elegance and style as a bonus.