DIY Options and Advice for Exterior Home Facades Considered

There are few types of house sidings which can compete with vinyl siding for looks, price, ease of installation, and longevity. And whereas wooden sides have a lot going for them, along with a long tradition, they can rot, split, decay, dry out, and they require maintenance. Steel and aluminum facade sides are great, absolutely, and they come in many colors, but not nearly as many as all the vinyl siding styles and colors. Steel and aluminum sides also cost much more.

The cedar shake or cedar shingle traditional home facades were quite common but highly unpractical. Today you can get vinyl shake or vinyl shingle in almost any color or shade, and this simulated vinyl facades cover, which looks just like the real thing, only it lasts a lot longer, is guaranteed forever, and costs next to nothing to put in. A vinyl installer will charge far less than any of the other siding installers and he can make your home look any way you want it to.

If you look at a home from the curb, you will not be able to detect that it is vinyl shake siding or vinyl shingle exteriors rather than actual cedar exterior siding. You might suspect because it always looks brand new, but as you get up close, your suspicions get the best of you. Thus, you have to go up and feel it to see for yourself. Is it real or is it merely a façade; vinyl shake exterior sides or vinyl cedar shingle facades?

Some say vinyl exterior walls lowers the value of a home, and yet the reality is that it always looks new, and old rotted out cedar shake or shingle facades that needs repair and maintenance is sure to lower your curb appeal and thus, the real value of your home as well. Please consider all this.