DIY Projects With a Portable Concrete Mixer – A Step by Step Primer

If you are using a portable concrete mixer for the first time, here are a few tips. First, fill the drum with two gallons of water. Once the water has been added to the drum, add the first bag of concrete. For this step by step guide, we will be using two 80lb bags; enough to secure a standard size fence post into the ground.

Turn the portable concrete mixer on to full, and add the first bag of mix. It is most likely this will be a messy affair; so do not wear a tux, style your hair or make plans to rush out immediately after this job. Seriously though, you may find it helpful to cover your mouth and sometimes invest in a decent pair of goggles. The dust is not particularly dangerous of course, but it is irritating and can cause a nasty cough for a time.

Not all the mix will amalgamate with the water initially; This is where your shovel first comes into its own. Just give it a thorough mix to break up and solid blocks of concrete mix. Having completed this, it is time to do the same with second bag.

This time though, you can afford to take a little more time to add the mix, and incorporate it gently. Again, the shovel can be put to good use here, to achieve an oatmeal like consistency.

Use your eyes to judge the consistency, and add a little more water if you feel it necessary. Add it gradually though, to ensure it does not get too wet; although of course this can be rectified through adding a little more concrete mix.

Having completed the mix to the desired consistency, you can secure the fencepost. It is up to you how you do this of course; wherever with the tilting mechanism on the portable concrete mixer, or with your all important shovel.

The last things to do, is leave the portable concrete mixer as you received it. (It was hopefully clean!) Simply rinse the drum out with your hose, to ensure the concrete does not dry and effect performance of mix.