DIY With Wood

Over the years I have used wood in a variety of DIY projects in my home. My very first was quite basic and meant me taking up the majority of the floor boards in the upstairs rooms and landing and replacing with brand new. Why? you may ask. It wasn’t something I should have had to do but because the central heating pipes were not laid deep enough the floor boards would cause a ringing noise on the copper pipes as you walked over them. So not only did I have to lay new ones I also had to cut channels underneath them so as not to rub on the copper pipes. Now that was a chore.

My next project was much more enjoyable. I would be taking down the old painted paneled banister rail and renewing it with wooden hand rail and spindles, then finishing with stain and varnish. I also had to remove the paint from some of the old hand rail, sand, stain and then varnish that too. It all came to fruition within about three weeks and I was very proud of my handy work when friends and relatives came to visit commenting on how lovely it was, especially when they would ask for the builders name.

Now the ultimate and I would class this more of a hobby than DIY work on the house, would be the natural wooden toys I have made. OK there has only been two so far but it is a start. The first of the natural wooden toys I made was a nineteen hundreds shop with shop counter to the ground floor and living accommodation to the first. The front was made to look like the front of a shop with a little opening door and shop window, as well as the large door to access the whole shop. There were little lights and furniture, the shop owner, his wife and kids. My daughter still plays with it in her bedroom and looking at its condition when she grows up her kids will be playing with it too.

My second but I hope not last of the kids wooden toys that I made was a hobby horse. With the head cut by using a template as a guide, the wood was about 1 1/2 inches thick so all I needed to do was cut the profile then sand it to a fine finish. Before varnishing I bored a hole where its neck finished so I could put the pole with handle into it after gluing. Even with this basic design it looked very professional and the kids still play with it to this day.

If you think some of the wood working projects I have done could be beneficial for you just browse the web sites on the internet as there a lots where you can get plans from for similar types of projects.