DIY Wood Railings

Think about a traditional home with a huge winding staircase. What is that imaginary staircase constructed of? It is most likely constructed of some type of wood, most likely a mahogany or teak.

Preferring Wooden Railings

For hundreds of years, people have been making all kinds of things with wood. Almost anything can be made with wood, from tables to chairs to dishes to railings. Wood gives an elegance to just about anything made from it, which is why it is so well loved and appreciated. Wood railings are very popular, due to the fact that they fit everyone’s budget and they are elegant and beautiful.

Wood railings are durable and long lasting, too. They will stay beautiful for years and years as evidenced by the many castles in England that are over five centuries old.

Do It Yourself Wooden Railing

If your railing needs to be curving or winding, then you will want to leave the rail building to a professional. A winding railing is difficult to make and can be quite time-consuming as well. You may want to stick with maintaining the wood railing on your own, especially if the wood is heavy and hard to handle.

If your railings are straight, then you will be able to create your railings yourself. By using the proper tools that are easily available, you can make a beautiful railing that you will be proud of.

Tools To Build Your Wood Railings

Making wood railings can be comparatively simple if you use the right tools and have some wood working experience.

o Hand Saw

o Tape Measure

o Circular Saw

o Sanding Tools

o Power Drill and proper bits of 1/8″ 3/16″ & ¼” diameter

o 3/8″ Hex Head Driver

o Edge Sharpening Tool and Pocket Hole Joining Tool

o Tape Measure

o 12-Inch Rough Files

o Level

o Pencil, T square, and other drawing instruments

o Hammer

o Safety Goggles, Gloves, and Mask

Gaining Experience

Straighter wood railings are the simplest to make. You can start with straight porch rails and then move to curved rails. All you need to do is practice with the straight railings and straight fences and then continue on to more curved and winding railings. With a little time and effort, you will be able to make your own wood railings for your home.

A wood fence is an easy thing to start with. You only need to learn some basic wood working methods and then you can keep practicing until you get the experience you need to start with railings outside and inside of your home.