DJ Lights – Top Tips and Advice For Choosing DJ Lighting Equipment and Party Disco Lights

DJ Lighting Equipment is a very important aspect of any disco equipment setup and one which should not be overlooked or underestimated. However, once you have a good idea of the available options you will find that it is relatively easy to equip yourself with some great lighting solutions at affordable prices.

There are many types of DJ lights available and they differ greatly in price point so it is a good idea to plan out your requirement and understand that if you only ever do small or sometimes medium sized venues then you will NOT need a massive amount of lights or a big lighting rig as these may only get used a few times a year. In fact it may be more realistic and beneficial to buy a few good effect lights, a couple of moving head scanners, a laser and a smoke machine and on the rare occasion that you may require more lighting then you can always hire a few more lights from your local DJ warehouse.

If you are a newbie to disco lighting then you should gain a little more knowledge through reading the next part of this article which gives you the options for choosing DJ lights and lighting packages.

1) Moonflower Lights (Gobo) – This light produce patterns through the lens and can be very effective.

2) Scanners – Available as Fixed and Moving Head lighting units and these are probably the most popular and used the most throughout the mobile disco and nightclub scene. A scanner DJ light can be linked to one another, in a daisy chain, and attached to a lighting controller (DMX controller unit) and the linked units will work as a synchronised effect.

3) DJ Laser Lights – A laser light produces either fixed pattern effect in single or multi colours (requires multiple heads) and the more advanced units can produce some amazing animations which are typically controlled via a laptop running a DMX interface.

4) DJ Black Lights and UV Lights – These produce fluorescent and black light effects such as making any white clothing you wear stand out brightly. These Black Lights are perfect for mobile disco, home and bedroom, and nightclubs.

5) Party Disco Lights – These lights are widely available and offer an affordable solution to house parties, small disco’s and other light applications. You can buy a complete Disco Party Pak from online DJ suppliers and these can turn any small venue into a flashy, colourful and atmospheric party palace.

There are many more options available including light boxes and LCD display panels, strobe lighting and Beacons also Oil Gobo Lights to name but a few. However, the main items listed above (1 to 5) are by far the most widely used lighting equipment and if you opt for a combination of those lights then you will not go far wrong.