DJ Subwoofers Placement – Where To Place Your Subs For Maximum Power

A newbie DJ or a DJ who is serious about majorly improving their game is always tweaking their performance and their equipment. A lot of the improvements will come from simply “being out there and kicking it”, but there is also a lot to be learned from seasoned DJs.

Most DJs simply miss out on a lot of positive vibrations (pun intended) that a DJ subwoofer speaker offers. Most DJs simply do not feel employing a sub is necessary in their setup. That might be true to an extent that it is of course quite possible to do a decent gig with all-purpose speakers.

However, without DJ subwoofers, you will not take advantage of subtle and not-so-subtle influences on the audience that a subwoofer, especially well placed subwoofer presents. A properly placed DJ subwoofer will create the right energy (in case of loud, dance music played) and the right mood (in case of quieter background music being played during sitting sessions for instance).

Assuming that you as a DJ are convinced in the benefits of subwoofers, in this article we will explore various possibilities of placement of subs that will vastly improve their performance, and may even save you money by requiring to not necessarily go for the highest wattage speakers you can afford.

Since a good quality DJ subwoofer goes for upwards of a thousand dollars, the info that follows could save you a lot of money.

Where do most DJs currently place their subwoofers?

It is interesting to know that most DJs today place their subwoofers right under their table. There is some logic in that as the bass sounds travel across the room well and the subwoofers do not need to be elevated above the audience like the mid-range and tweeter speakers which definitely require elevated tripod DJ stands.

What is the best placement of DJ subwoofers?

Experiments measuring the loudness level of a subwoofer have shown that placing a subwoofer in the middle of the room is sub-optimal. Instead, depending on your venue, here are the three best placements:

  • A good placement of a subwoofer is about 1 yard from the wall. The measured increase of loudness was 6 Db as compared to placing the subwoofer in the middle of the room.
  • Even better, placing a subwoofer 1 yard from the corner of the room will bring even more volume gains.
  • In open spaces, the trick is to tilt the subwoofers into the ground for maximum effect. A 30 degree tilt will already present a major improvement.