Do I Need a Lift Chair?

If you or someone you know suffers from limited mobility, for reason such as arthritis, back pain, or any number of reason, then a lift chair can help to ease the burden of getting up and down from a sitting position. Lift chairs operate on a mechanism that causes the cushion of the chair to tilt and lift the person into a standing position.

These chairs have been used for years, and have become more advanced as new technology has become available. For instance, typical lift chairs of the 80’s were simply wooden armed chairs resembling a side chair. Lift chairs today are more comfortable, with more padding to make the sitting just as comfortable as the lifting. There are many styles available. You can choose a chair that fully reclines, or has special features, such as storage in the arms or completely removable arms to make transferring to a wheelchair much easier. You have the choice of fabrics, colors, and many designs to match your home décor. There are also many sizes available. If you have limited space, there is a chair available that only requires 6 inches between chair and wall. These are perfect for someone in an apartment or smaller house.

Lift chairs are especially good for those with rheumatoid arthritis, when their knees begin to weaken, or someone with any crippling disease. Many people who have undergone back surgery are also finding them useful during their recuperation period. They take the strain off of the back and legs when standing up, and give people the independence of not having to seek help to sit and stand. Sitting and standing is done by pressing a button on the chair. It’s an easy process, and only takes seconds for the person to be tilted into a standing position. They have time to make sure that they have their feet properly situated, and it can alleviate the fear of falling while trying to stand.

Until the 1990’s, Medicare paid for the use of lift chairs for people qualified to receive them. Now, however, Medicare will only pay for the mechanism that is used for the lift. You must provide the appropriate chair, and Medicare will reimburse the cost of the lift and motor. Of course, this will still save you $300 for the purchase of the lifting mechanism. Still, many people are finding it difficult to afford the lift chairs.