Do it Yourself – Build a Pole Barn

A Pole Barn is a wood framed building that is constructed with poles to sustain the walls of the structure and the roof. The name ‘pole barn’ was first used to refer to buildings built for agricultural reasons such as accommodating livestock or putting away hay and other feed. This can be used for a variety of purposes other than agricultural. Having one means having extra space to make use of. They can also be used as a garage for recreational or off-road vehicles or storeroom for tools and other garden equipment. There are several ways that pole barns can be erected. It all depends on what you prefer and what function the pole barn will serve.

Pole barns are quite simple to build and require little knowledge and experience. As a matter of fact, there are kits available nowadays to make the task a lot easier. So if you need a pole barn but do not want to bear the trouble of building one, then this is the best choice for you. These kits contain everything – from simple screws to roofing materials – to build it from scratch. Some can be made by using metal and wood or using just one of the two. They may have simple dirt floor or concrete floor based on the user’s preferences. The advantage of a pole barns are that it can be construct quickly and it is cheap to erect.

In order to erect a pole barn it is important that you choose an area that is appropriate for the building. To be exact, one that is flat and has proper drainage so that water is not stored.

Here are the instructions to erect a pole barn:

Necessary Materials:

Pre-mixed concrete (enough to fill four post holes)

Four poles

Roof trusses

Tin roofing sections


Roofing nails

2″ x 4″ lumber

Roofing screws

Necessary Tools

Post hole digger


Drill with accessory to screw in screws


1.Use the post hole digger to dig four holes spacing them carefully depending on the size of the chosen shed. Holes should be dug at least 16 inches deep.

2.Position a pole in each hole and fill with the concrete for additional reinforcement. Modify the poles to make sure that they are straight and steady.

3.Affix the 2″ x 4″ lumber to the tops of the poles and fasten them tightly. They must be well secured so as to bear the weight of the roof and the trusses.

4.Install the roof trusses. Fasten the first truss by using the rope to tie it in position.

5.Nail 2″ x 4″ lumber onto the outward border of those that were installed to the tops of the poles. This will aid in supporting the weight of the trusses.

6.Using the drill and roofing screws, screw the tin roofing sections to the roof. Intersect sections of the tin sheeting so that extra resistance against climate conditions is guaranteed. And that is how you construct a barn!


If the ground is wet, widen and deepen the holes to ensure they are kept in place.

It is a good suggestion to use 8-foot sections if you decide to purchase industrial lumber. This is because the 8-foot lengths are more economical to use.

Make sure that the tin roofing sections are corrugated.

Some individuals decide to use walls around their barns. If you want to add walls, you can use ply board to do so.