Do It Yourself – Repair Of Wrought Iron Railings

The railings made from wrought iron present a traditional look to the porch and the staircases of your house. The look gets tarnished if there is a break in any of the railing and you may have to buy a new set of staircase railing. However if you can spend sometime yourself and follow the points mentioned below, you may carry out repairs yourself.

Upkeep of Hand Railings in Wrought Iron

Use of railings made from wrought iron has been known since the 17th century. During that time, the concept of extracting metals had just started. Only a very few artisans could work with wrought iron railings, hence these were considered to be a special art which could be handled by artists only. The railings made from wrought iron are resistant to rust, but these are not resistant to shock. If anything drops on the railings, these will definitely break.

Any crack in any of the railings would tarnish the appearance of complete staircase and as well as the railing of the hand of the porch. If however, you want to handle the repairs yourself, you could be in a position to restore the original condition of your railings.

Tools required for repair of Wrought Iron Railings

Repairing of railings of wrought iron can be done by yourself provided you carry out this cautiously. After the repairs, railings will regain its original form. You can buy the tools required for repairs from a store dealing in DIY tools.

The following tools are needed:

1.Drill bits of sizes 3/8″ and 1/4″

2.Machine for Drilling

3.Hack saw

4.Riveting set

5.Tools for woodwork

6.Glue Cement


8.Metal Cement

Repair of Railing Pipes

It is quite a tedious task to do welding of railings made of wrought iron and even when welding has been done, you can not be very confident that the mould where welding has been done would remain intact. A pipe, if not welded properly, can result in a dangerous accident. It is not advisable to weld the pipes, if these have broken.

However should you decide to repair pipe, it should be repaired by

reinforcement method internally. Your should take out the pipe out of

the railings and take it to a workshop of DIY. In the workshop, they insert a pipe of steel or a twisted pole made of wood of the inner diameter of pipe inside the pipe.

The internal edges of the pipe made of wrought iron should be smooth, otherwise the pole made of wood will be required to be further twisted to make the pipe get fitted without any force or use of hammer on the wood. If you attempt to push the pipe, the pipe made of wrought iron may not repairable.

By inserting the wooden pole or pipe inside the wrought pipe, the same gains strength. After this, the ends may be connected with metal cement or glue.

It is to be noted that main strength of wrought iron railings depends on the pipe or wooden pole inserted inside it. The glue also gives it a look to some extent, and not much strength. If the railing made from wrought iron has been set with more pieces than two, you need to be very careful while applying riveting or glue. Just ensure that all the pieces are joined properly and the internal pipe or wooden pole are not noticeable from outside.

Mounting Poles or Base of Wrought Iron Railings

If there is a crack in the base of railings, or the eyelet of railing pipe demands repairs, one of the methods is stitch welding. There are many companies which provide this kind of repair service and also provide guarantee. It is not very frequent that eyelets or the base cracks, however if it cracks, it needs to be repaired by experts only.