Do Not Buy Go Duster Until You Read This Article!

If you are someone who manages the house work like me, I am 101% sure that you hate dusting! Sometimes you are just amazed of how fast the dust accumulates, no matter how you clean. It’s simply frustrating especially if you have a day job which is demanding. When I saw the Go Duster advertisement on the TV, I ordered a package although I must admit that the pitch should too good to be true. Since Go Duster has 30 days money back guarantee, I reckon I have nothing to lose.

The Go Duster package cost $19.80 plus shopping. The package includes a battery operated base, three different dusters and a bottle of cleaner. As instructed, you have to spray on duster to boost Go Duster’s performance. At first try, I found that it is easy to use, pretty much like what they demonstrated on TV. However, flies started flying everywhere as I performed dusting. For this reason Go Duster is definitely not for those who have allergies. It is advisable that you wear a mask while you perform dusting. Another disadvantage of Go Duster is that you have the hold the button all the time when you are doing the dusting. If you have wrist or hands problems, it may not suit you.

On the flip side, Go Duster is very effective in cleaning the blinds and slats. It also works well on hard to reach areas like ceiling fan, light covers, keyboards and DVD racks. On these areas, Go Duster works faster compare to traditional cleaning. However, you have to be really careful when you use it on ceiling fans or dangling objects. As it spins very fast, these areas can be tangled easily.

If you do not currently suffer from allergies or hand problems, Go Duster is definitely worth a try.