Do Not Buy Toddy Coffee Maker If You Want to Brew Any Coffee!

It is true, toddy coffee maker cannot brew you any coffee! Firstly, it was not designed to brew any coffee, and it is not meant to be a stove top coffee pot. Toddy is a special coffee brewer that can only do cold coffee!

And by cold coffee, I do not mean the type that goes cold after it have been left on the table for sometime. By cold coffee, I meant those that can serve chill something like cold lemonade.

Now, if you asked me who would want to drink cold coffee, that is really a matter of preference, but all I can say is that toddy cold brew has a huge following and is doing a roaring business in US.

The reason that they are not so popular in other part of the world is merely due to their marketing strategy. Currently, they are limiting their marketing effort to US. Even, on their website, they are only selling to US citizens.

From a marketing perspective, this is not a very savvy marketing plan as you are effectively limiting your group of consumers that you are able to sell to. But, by adopting this strategy, you can see how confident toddy is about their sales. So, my take is, they are doing more than enough sales from the US, and currently have no plan for expansion.

For those that have not used a toddy brewer before, the concept of producing coffee without hot water or stove must be very novel. This cold brew is attained by using time as a variable.

The very first step in doing this cold brew is to fill the brewing container with 1 pound of ground coffee. For a pound of coffee ground, you would need to pour 4 cups of cold water into the filter. And then you wait for at least 5 minutes.

After this 5 minutes, you add another 5 more cups of water into the filter. After this, you need to do more waiting, you would wait overnight, so you would place the container into the fridge.

This time round, you would need to wait for at least 12 hours. This is to allow the coffee to steep through the cold press filter. The liquid coffee will drain through the filter into the glass carafe.

Well, this is why I said earlier in the title about not buying the toddy coffee maker if you are someone that wants to brew your coffee. There is not much skill or technique involved in getting a toddy cold coffee, one does however, need to have lots of patience though.

Personally, I think this is a brewer that is easy to use and the cold coffee that results from it, is also pretty good. However, as cold coffee is the usual way of consuming this coffee (you can actually microwave the coffee concentrate to drink it hot), it would be more of a summer drink than a regular coffee brewer for most of us.

Therefore, for the majority of us, regardless if you like the cold brew or not, even if you do own toddy coffee brewer, it is very likely that you would also be getting a normal coffee maker as well.