Do Not Fall Off A Ladder

The time where everyone starts considering about tidying up their house are during spring and fall. Regardless of if it is windows washing or gutters cleaning, one of the foremost tools which homeowners think of is a ladder.

Although ladders are handy tools, but if you are not practicing the correct ladder safety tips, you might injure yourself. As a matter of fact, based on statistics from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are over 547,000 people being treated in hospital emergency rooms, doctors' offices, clinics and other medical environments during 2004 due to ladder related injuries. The majority of injuries are bruises, cuts, and fractured bones.

Practice these ladder safety tips and in no time, you would be well on your way to finishing your clean-up chores successfully in a safe manner.

Stabilize your ladder

When your ladder is extended, your ladder top should be positioned securely alongside the area you are doing you work. While working on your house roof, ensure that your ladder extends to a minimum of 3 feet beyond your house roof line. Position your ladder base on a strong, level surface and stand on the first rung to verify stability before climbing your ladder.

Maintain your balance

While on your ladder, rest against it and maintain your hips amid the rails. At all times grip onto your ladder with at least one of your hands.

Inspect your ladder

Before every usage examine your ladder for broken locks or rungs. Check to spot whether it is crooked, damaged or broken.

Keep your ladder slip free

Ladders can deployed for several various projects, so ensure your ladder does not contain any grease, oil, paint or other dangers on its rungs and feet. And constantly maintain your ladder clean and dry.