Do not Forget Finials to Finish Off Your Outdoor Spaces

One of the things you can say about finials is they are versatile. In fact, you can use them on curtain rods, bookshelves, as door stoppers and decorations from your banister and your fence and deck! The message is to look around and see where something as simple and affordable as a finial can liven up your space, and since it is spring, we are going to talk about your outdoor spaces.

The first thing to recognize is that these lovely additions come in many different shapes and sizes as well as materials. The most common are wooden but there are also copper finials as well as synthetically produced ones such as Azek's that last almost forever.

The next thing to know is that finials, by nature, are pretty much about decoration. For outdoor purposes, most of them will sit a top a post cap of some sort (mostly wood). If you expect a finial to protect your post cap from the elements than you would be wrong. You need to purchase a post cap for that application. However, to decorate the space, a finial would be perfect!

So now that we know where they go on fences, let us talk about decks as this is one of the main areas that a finial can add to your space. Just like the banister inside, a great place to add wooden finials would be at the top and bottom of the deck stairs. Whether you prefer welcoming pineapple finials or a decorative ball or acorn finial for that application, it will be up to you.

Make sure you follow the manufactures instructions on how to prepare, install and maintain them for long life. Both the wood finials and the Azek ones can be painted, stained and sealed so you can match and know that your purchase will last a long time and be weather resistant.

Also watch out for cheap ones as well when purchasing. Make sure you buy either a redwood or cedar finial for outdoor use. Mahogany is wonderful for inside use but not the best for outside applications. Redwood and cedar naturally work as both an insect and water repellent just making the product that much more tenant for outdoor use.

I have also seen some wonderful uses of finials for entrance marks to make your property stand out for your guests. One of my personal favorites is the use of the copper ball finials that sat on large 8 x 8 posts on either side of an elaborate gate. It created a wonderful entrance and over time the copper turned so you had a different look and feel every time you drve by. It was stunning.

Now that you have a few ideas, walk around your property and discover the places you may be able to add a little something extra to the decor with fence or deck finials. They are very easy to install so you can do it yourself or hire a local handyman to help if you do not feel like you can. Either way, finials are affordable and fun and an easy way to finish off your outdoor spaces!