Do not Ignore Your Floors!

If you want to make a big impact in as few steps as possible, start at the bottom. Making the right choice in flooring can add value to your condo that will not only increase your enjoyment while you live in it, but also increase the resale value when you choose to move on.

The best time to make changes to your floors is before you move in. If you're planning to purchase a condo that's still in development, write up a wish list and make a deal. Many developers will give you the opportunity to choose the kinds of finishing touches that suit you and they may even do it for free to encourage you to close – make sure to ask before you buy.


One of the most popular trends in flooring is wood laminate. Often significantly cheaper than traditional hardwood floors, wood laminate flooring also requires less repair and upkeep. The clean smooth surfaces of these floors reflect light and help brighten the surrounding rooms. Simply installing this type of floor can instantly give a smaller condo a bright and airy look, an effect that's difficult to achieve with light-sucking carpets. Wood laminate flooring is also cheaper than carpet, and actually has a longer lifespan compared to most carpets on the market.


There are rooms where laminate floors are just not an option. Wood laminate does not like moisture, and can rise and not seat properly if installed in bathrooms (mostly due to heat and moisture). Tile is always a popular choice for bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways for instance. With so many variations and colors of tile available, a little creativity can go a long way toward customizing the design of any room you choose to install it in. If you live in a colder climate or just love being pampered, you might even want to consider "heated" tile floors, which can be a blessing on cold winter mornings or when getting out of the shower. Although tile can be tricky to clean, its flexibility and hard wearing nature have made it a popular flooring option for thousands of years.


Of course, carpets will always be popular. Carpet-making technology has come a long way from back in the early 70s, and new carpeting offers many styles and colors to suit your needs. Carpet is especially popular for bedrooms, and is a good option for those sensitive souls who can not afford heated laminate floors throughout the condo. Make sure to pick the correct fiber make-up for the area you're planning to cover. For example, polypropylene carpets are currently popular for their stain-resistance and hard-wearing ability.

If you love to decorate, consider layering your flooring options for greater versatility. Area carpets make a great complement to other flooring options like laminate, hardwood or wall to wall carpeting. Choosing a great area rug that really suits your style will tie the design of your room together with almost zero effort. Throwing an area rug over hardwood or laminate will protect the finish and your investment. If you've opted for carpets that are hard-wearing but a little dull, add a colorful rug to cheer it up.


If you really want to treat the ground under your feet with respect – real hardwood floors are the ultimate choice for your condo. Hardwood floors naturally reflect light, making rooms seem bigger and brighter and can even improve acoustics. If you're planning to live in your condo for a while, expect any real wood floor you install to last a lifetime and beyond. If you're planning to sell, hardwood floors are one of the surest ways to add value to your unit. Though they'll need a bit of upkeep, unlike almost any other option, these floors will get more beautiful with time and wear.

The choices you make for the flooring in your condo will naturally be affected by your budget and plans for the future of the unit, but if you want to get the most out of your purchase, do not skip over the floors when it's time to Pick out paint swatches and fixtures. Think of it this way: your floors will get more use than any other single feature of your condo – make sure they're up to your standards.