Do not Let Dream Stealers Stop You

The one thing that bugs me most about our industry is those dream stealers. Those are the people that give you all the reasons why you should NOT do something, or tell you all the reasons WHY it will not work, yet they have never succeeded at anything themselves.

Do not let any one or anything steal your dreams. Dream big and make them come true. You can do it. Do not let anyone tell you different.

Just this past week, I ran into a very old friend that I had lost touch with and had not seen or talked to in many years. We talked for a while and she was flabergasted to hear I had left the corporate world years and years ago. I shared with her what I was doing, and she was stunned to hear that it was "network marketing". We replaced phone numbers and owed to get back in touch.

A few days later I had a call from her. Evidently, she was so intrigued by the mystery of my business, that she went online to research more. She ran into someone else she also knew in our industry, and she stated my little card business and how well I was doing. The person said to her, "Well of course she's doing well, she was successful in another company before, so she would do well, but you did not be able to do what she is doing." When she told me the persons name, I did not even KNOW them. Never hear of them in my life, yet they were telling her all the reasons I was successful.

I thought back to the beginning times, when I started Network Marketing. I was told once by a wise old man, that once you start to succeed in the industry, the bigger you get the more people will tell "your" story or take pot shots at you, and I just laughed and surprised if that means I 'm making headway.

Anyways, they then proceeded to pitch my friend on the latest deal they were in which was a juice deal. Nothing wrong with "juice" but honestly, I do not see the fascination myself. I see a multitude of juice companies, selling from $ 25-50 a bottle and all trying to convince others that their juice is better than the next guys. I spent 12 years in the health business, and I do believe in health products, but I came to the realization that while I did, for the most part, I never found others with that same passion, and I had a hard time helping the average person succed. I asked my friend to find out how long he had been with the company, and how big a team he'd built etc. Turned out he'd just started, but had been in dozens of other companies and was going to hit it "big" this time or so he said. I thought to myself, just from hearing the things he told her, this was definitely not a successful person, but yet this type person can steal your dreams, if you let them.

My mission in building a business was to achieve true freedom. I wanted to be able to come and go as I chose and not spend my life reporting to an 8-5 job making someone else rich. I also wanted to be able to help others do the same. All my years in the health industry were great training for me in learning network marketing, but I also came to the conclusion that it was much too hard for me to be able to meet the objective in helping others, so I moved on to an easier type product that worked better for myself and those I bought on board.

I love our industry and I think there is room for everyone to do well, but most will not, simply because they listened to those dream stealers. I thought how stupid that person was to make a comment to my friend, indicating they could not do what I did. That is the most idiotic thing I have ever heard.

I look at and talk to people daily that have more talent in their little finger than I have in my own body. The only difference between me and anyone out there, is I got got knocked down probably many more times. Instead of staying down, I chose to pick my self up, dust myself off and keep on moving towards my goal of freedom. I learned by my nurmerous mistakes.

Today my vision is different, and I do have the freedom to come and go and do as I please, but it came from just being committed and persistent, and learning as I went along. I know have the knowledge and ability to coach and help others do better than me. I LOVE it when someone flies by me. I love it when I get an email from someone that just hit another level and is flying high. I love seeing people get excited when they realize that they really can do this. It's fun watching others be excited and it's exhilarating to see them succeed.

NEVER think you can not do what I have done. You CAN do what I've done, and many of you can do much better than what I've done, but it starts and ends with you. NEVER listened to those stupid people that tell you that you can not. Why do you listen to someone that has never been there and done it? Why do you listen to the guy that works and lives paycheck to paycheck, as if he is God and knows it all? Why do you let them stop you?

Your old friends that are unsuccessful and broke are going to make fun of others that are making it. They do not want you to succeed and have more than them. They do not want you to prove them wrong. They want to keep you in their pity party.

If you want to succed, break out of that mold. Quit listening to losers. Quit listening to those dream stealers, and break out and get on with life. Make it a point to find your home, get started and do not look back. NEVER QUIT.

Look at your life today, this very moment. Are you any better off today than you were last year at this time or are you still in the same or worst position? If you always wanted to be free, but you're still stuck in the same rut, doing nothing, going no where and not working on becoming free you are simply losing the battle, and falling backwards. Do you want to be forever stuck in that rut? If not, when are you going to start making a change and a difference?

For things to change you must change. It all starts and ends with you. Do not be like my old friend, listening to someone that knows nothing. Find someone that does, and is successful and learn from them and start today. This very moment. Do the thing you've been "thinking" about. Take action. Get started, and tune out those dream stealers.

YOU CAN DO IT! I hope to meet you one day on the beaches of the world and we can exchange stories, have fun, and enjoy life. Maybe we'll meet on the next world cruise. I love cruises and take 1 or 2 a year usually. We can lay around the pool, jump in the hot tub and exchange stories about helping others achieve success. It's very doable. I did it and so can you if you just move forward.

Ready ….. set ……. GO!

Go fast, and do not look back. Quit thinking and start doing and do it now, and I'll see you at the top.