Do Not Let The Hammer Hurt You

Have you ever been injured when hammering or heard of people getting injured when hammering?

Although the hammer is just another commonly found tool in any toolbox, it could put you in harm’s way if used in a wrong manner and carelessly. Hammers are infamous for inflicting thumb and finger injuries. There is an estimated figure of about 50,000 Americans seeking medical treatment annually due to hammer injury. That is the reason why it is important to practice hammer safety.

A safe hammer is an excellent hammer; you should treat your hammer with care and respect. Practice makes perfect unquestionably applies to hammering.

Besides always remembering to wear your safety glasses when hammering, there are some other common rules that you should observe for maintaining a high level of safety in hammering:

1. Ensure your hammer handle is not loosely attach to the head.

2. Avoid striking your steel hammer on a hard steel surface. It may cause small bits of steel to fly and hurt you or someone.

3. Avoid using the handle of your hammer for striking, and never use it as a crowbar. It may cause the handle to crack which could cause a cut or pinch to you.

4. At all times strike the surface evenly – avoid glancing strikes.

5. At all times put on your safety goggles.

6. Avoid striking your hammer with or against another hammer.

7. Throw away your hammer if the hammer face is chipped or mushroomed.

8. Avoid using your steel hammers on concrete, stone, or hard metal objects.