Do Not Think Negative – Why?

To answer this question we first need to understand the context in which it is asked. For example; if I was trying to lose weight / fat I would want to think negative. My starting weight is 200 and I want to lose 40. In this context, losing negative fat measured in numbers creating a loss is actually a positive. Are you still with me? I did not lose you, I hope. If I lost you that of course would be a negative. Why? Because my objective is to keep you reading which would be a positive exit.

I think we can all agree that a negative is the opposition or opposite of positive. But, as demonstrated with my weight loss example, a negative could actually be a positive. I found a very interesting definition from a 1999 Meadows School, Las Vegas, 'Debate Glossary' that argued Negative is: "The side that opposes adoption of the resolution." Wow! I really like that argument. This would suggest that the adoption side could be wrong if for example it had a negative impact on the majority or the masses. Then, if the major could get the argument changed to their side then a new adoption would be challenged by the minimum and the roles of negative versus positive would be switched. This suggest to me that negative (and positive) are in constant battle with each other and in some circumstances negative is positive and positive is negative. Hmmm. No wonder, many people struggle with the idea of ​​positive thinking.

With the many negative thoughts that constantly argue with our internal rational thinking and emotional thinking meters and radars we will in most cases take the path of little resistance. This would explain to me why so few are truly successful in reaching their hearts desires and goals. Saying to someone "Think Positive" is just another opposing view to adoption and therefore makes the command negative in the mind of the receiver.

So, how do the top achievers reach their goals? Through practice and through trial and error. They have mastered their thinking and, to be a master, you have to expect to fail. But, you pick yourself up and you try and try again. You do this when you want to quit smoking. You do this when you want to get your drivers license and failed on your first attempt (s). You do this when you want to win the heart of the person who is your soul mate. You do this in business and you do this in life. If your dream and desire is strong enough as presented in my examples that most of us have experienced in life then you will adopt a positive plan to succeed and accept the negative as part of the ongoing argument that only strengthens your persistence and tenacity to succeed.

Well, if you are still with me and read this far then I congratulate you on your tenacity and you have just proven to yourself that you can be successful and that is positive thinking.