Do You Have A Condition Know As BADD And Can It Be Managed?

You may be asking yourself, what in the world is BADD and do I have it. I came up with the phrase after thinking about what could be wrong with me. I can never seem to focus on one business opportunity at a time. After thinking about it I came up with the name Business Attention Deficit Disorder or BADD.

One of my daily chores was glancing through the classified ads for business opportunities. Even though I already had a business I worked from at home I still had this uncontrollable urge to look for something bigger and better. As far back as I can remember this has always been a problem for me. If I find a business I like and start working it, I always give up if I don’t make a bunch of money in a couple of weeks. In fact it is so bad that people who know me ask, what business are you working this week Mark.

Looking through classified ads and clicking on links that takes me to a new opportunity got my blood pumping. I know it was killing my financial life but it takes over me like a ghost controlling my every move. I even did a little research to see if other people have the same problem as me. Much to my surprise, there were thousands of people who have the same trouble focusing on one thing at a time. Do we call them multi taskers or do they just lack the ability to focus on 1 thing at a time

I went back through the favorites bar on my computer and started clicking old links I had saved. 3 out of every 5 links I clicked on was a dead end link. You know what was really crazy about the these links, they were less than a year old. That means most people don’t give anything a chance to build up before they try something else.

My research took me to the search engines for an experiment. I did a search for a popular search term and started clicking on the organic results. I went back a couple of pages on the search results just to get an idea of how many dead links there were. Did you know there were people who had their websites listed on page 1 and 2 who were no longer active on their websites. Do you know how much money they could be making if they just stuck around a little while longer.

This experiment got me thinking about how I should approach being an entrepreneur. If you are going to be successful at anything you have to stick with it no matter how long it takes. You could close your shop tomorrow and the day after that your biggest client could come along. I found out the hard way that all those new opportunities were all the same. The promise of big money in a short time. Success takes time and patience.

Take the time and plan your business and set budgets and goals. Do some research and find out who your customers are and how to get them to visit your website or store. If you are an affiliate for a product, don’t use the company cookie cutter website to get customers. Send them to a page you made or someone else made for you. I use a lead capture page and give them something of value.

If is your dream to be successful on the internet or with a store front then now is the time to start. Do you know why most people never have any success. Because they never take any action. Take some action and stay focused on your business. It is a lot of work being an entrepreneur, but you will enjoy the ride.