Do You Have a Friend?

Friendships often have two sides. One is positive, the other negative. Everyone has different qualities and different bonds: some have strong ones, some have limited ones, and some are ready to run.

Friends change in line with your age. When you are young you have friends for certain periods of time – as you move on your friendship group does too. Many of friends become strangers after many years, and with some of them, you may not even remember their names.

Some friends are good for fun, some for study, some for support, some for career, some for help, some for advantage, some for day, some for nights. And some are simply good for nothing.

When you reach adulthood friendships change. For example you meet new friends at college, university and even work. Basically friends are not forever. They are there for the time you are with them – during term or as long as you work together or have regular contact. Once you move out or finish your studies, then the friendship may end there and you may not have contact for years.

Some friends can be for life, a bit like your wife. Your female friends at college or universities or work may come so close that you will become physically, emotionally, and perhaps sexually attached. You may turn this friendship into a relationship that you might regret later, you may have an ever lasting relationship.

You need friends to support you, and in some cases to share all your secrets with, but sometimes by doing this you are making mistakes which you may regret for the rest of your life. You may have, in your best friend, your biggest future enemy. This may not always be the case, but you may still need luck.

Finding a true friend is not an easy task. If you find one, then you have a treasure. You have a gold coin, a diamond for life. You are the most lucky person in the world. Let's hope the other side will work too, you you will be feeling that your friend feels just as lucky. We are human and we do not change over night, and the devil inside us can win most of the time.

My opinion may not the best at all times, and I have been proven wrong many times by myself. Yet I believe one should have, as a best friend, none other than your son, daughter, sister, brother, husband, wife, mother or father. Who could be better than this, since they are your next of kin. You should only share your secrets with them. Nobody else.

Some people love making friends, and spend most of their time with them. They give more importance to friends than family. But everyone has the right to do what they want and live the life they choose. I would dare to say that they are wrong, however. Some people choose to share secrets with a stranger rather than a best friend. What about you? Do you have a friend?