Do You Have a Good Pool Cleaner?

It is very important to the quality and the pH level of your pool water to have a good pool filter installed along with your pool. A good pool filter will reduce the presence of algae and help reduce alkalinity and calcium hardness. Even the best pool filter will leave some dirt and debris in your pool, but this is the reason an additional cleaning is needed at least once a week. Unless you want to invest in an automatic pool cleaner whether your pool is above ground or in-ground, cleaning the pool is a time-consuming task. With an automatic pool cleaner you will have only a minimal amount of maintenance to do. It can make your investment in a pool worthwhile.

The only difference in the cleaner for an above ground pool and the in-ground pool is the structure and the range of the automatic cleaner; however the basic technology is the same for both of them. The cleaner for an in-ground pool is designed to work in depths up to 8ft where as the above ground cleaners are not. If your pool be deeper than 8ft you will need to invest in a specifically designed cleaner created for the greater depths.

The cleaners for the above ground pools are cheaper than the cleaner for the in-ground pools. Above ground cleaner should work as well as the in-ground cleaners; however with above ground pools the initial installation cost is often times skimped on. By cutting some corners a strain can be placed on the pool filter, the pump system, and the cleaner. Before you invest in an above ground cleaner, make sure your pool filter and pump system are working at their optimum level.

There are three types of automatic cleaners you will find on the market. The first one is the Suction-side. This cleaner uses the suction of the pool filter to create a vacuum for the cleaner. This is probably the cheapest and easiest to use of all the cleaners. Large debris will clog the skimmer, and you may have to adjust the different settings and set-ups before you get the coverage area you need. In your pool if you have more dirt than large debris the suction side is the best cleaner for you. This pool cleaner is the best option for the smaller pool owner because it is inexpensive and reliable.

The next cleaner is the Pressure side, which uses the water pressure from the return hose of the filter. This pressure creates the cleaner's vacuum and drives the cleaner around the pool. Because this type of cleaner has its own collection bag it eases the stress on the filter system, which will increase the life and the performance of the filter system. The collection bag will need to be emptied on a regular basis, much like your house vacuum. By doing so will allow the cleaner to take care of the debris. This type of pool cleaner may require a booster pump to create enough pressure to do its job.

The last cleaner is the Robotic pool cleaner. This cleaner operates separate from the pool pump or the filter. It has its own filtration system, which is self-contained. These devices will clean your pool faster and better than any other cleaner on the market. They need to be programmed to operate automatically or they can be operated by remote control. If you have a large pool or areas in your pool, which are difficult to clean, the extra cost of this cleaner will make it worthwhile.