Do You Have Issues


Ok, here's my story. I grab my laptop and wanted to wash my car (yes, I know it is way too cold) and when I tried to put gas in, it was so cold my credit card froze in the slot and I could barely get it out. After a few times of that nonsense, I gave up. Heck I do not care if my car is dirty and I look like a skuzbag! Everybody who goes to those kinds of bookstores is weird, so I would fit right in!

So I go through the drive through at the bank and got $ 20. All excited about going to Barnes and Noble and getting a pretzel. I see Scooters along the way, hmmmm then Crane coffee, hmmmmm, but go on to Barnes and Noble because their little coffee shop is just plain cool! I haul my book bag, laptop, and purse in and they tell me they covered up all their plug-ins because they had "issues" with them. ISSUES? What kind of issues can you have with electrical plug-ins? I mean, I have a lot of issues but never have had any with plug-ins! I should have asked! Ok, so I haul everything out in the cold and think, I'll go to Crane Coffee. It's always cozy and they have a little fireplace. I get in there and it is full and all the "plug-ins" that Barnes and Noble has issues with, are taken with other people with their laptops.

So I turn around and decide to go to Panera and be (do not tell Weight Watchers) naughty and eat a bagel with cream cheese. Ah yes, they have PLUG INS and they do not have ANY ISSUES with them. So I get my bagel, cream cheese and heck why not … butter too. Get everything set up, it plugged into those plug-ins like Barnes and Noble have issues with and I am ready to write! WOW! Heaven! Then I remember it is my husband's old computer and I am not for sure his password. I think it is Champs something or other. I spend ONE HOUR making up passwords trying to get in, calling my hubby's cell off and on and keep getting booted out because I have tried too many passwords and they need to protect the person registered with that computer. They do not understand when I tell them I am his wife and it is NOW my computer, but his password is still on it. FRUSTRATIONS! I JUST WANTED TO LAY MY HEAD DOWN ON THE TABLE AND CRY OR MAYBE SLEEP!

Here I go HOME I GO TO BE LONESOME AND DEPRESSED! Hubby's on the road all week!





Issues with plug-ins

never heard of such a thing.

Why I have issues galore

but never yet with a dang

plug-in for goodness sake,

what kind of people do?

Most of us have bigger issues

than ones with those things too!

Thought I'd get some gas

into my dirty car

so I could get a carwash

that's how it worked thus far.

But when I put the card in

He froze and stayed fixed.

I finally pulled it out

but over and over I was nixed.

So forget about the car wash

I was heading for the place

where lots of weird people hang out

so who cares if the car is blasé ?!

I had on my baggy jamma pants

with lots of bags galore,

I could not wait to get there

and have a pretzel and more.

I ask the girl behind the counter

where are the plug-ins for me?

She said, "oh we're so sorry"

we have issues do not you see? "

Issues with the plug-ins?

Never heard of such a thing.

So I said, "well I can not stay here,"

so I ran out and dang,

I went to Crane coffee

oh yeh, that should be great.

I'll leave my bags inside the car

before I see how it rates.

Oh no, where did all

those laptops come from?

Every single plug-in

was in use and some …

so out the door I went.

Oh yeh, Panera's where I'll go.

They will not have issues there

with their plug-ins I just know.

Yeah, heaven on earth

I'm even going to be

a bad girl and have

a bagel and cream cheese!

So I order what I want and

get my laptop all set up.

The plug-ins seem to work

no issues here, what luck!

Now we're cookin 'and

everything is almost done.

I commence to put the password in

to make my laptop run.

Over and over

time and time again.

I put that stupid password in

and nothing happened, so then

I called that man of mine up

to ask him what was what.

He never answered that ole 'phone

It made me want to jump

up and down and say bad words,

so frustrated was I then;

that stupid laptop booted

me out upon my rear!

I guess it knew I was not

the person with the password,

even when I tried to explain

it now was mine and that's my last word.

So I wanted to so badly

lay my head down and cry,

but I spent one full hour,

then I just did not try.

So the next time I am sad,

and lonely to boot,

remind me that there's issues

with plug-ins at the root

of the problems with the bookstore

where weird people go and hang,

with their baggy pants and laptops

I just feel like I will never be the same!

© frustrations by peg'08