Do You Know How Or Why To "Flip Switch"

Do you ever wonder why, no matter how hard you "try", you just can not seem to get things going in your business or in your life?

Do you ever wonder why, it seems like everyone around you always seems to just be miserable.

Do you ever wonder why, some people just seem to find anything and everything to complain about, no matter where the conversation is going.

Or, how about if you say something like, "I've had a bad day" and then the person you're talking to goes on to tell you how much worse their day has been than your day?

So many times, through my journey of self growth and personal development, I would hear that getting to where you dream of is as simple as setting a goal and just doing it.

I heard that it was as easy as "doing the uncomfortable until it became comfortable".

I heard that if the why was big enough, the how would come.

I heard that if you wanted it bad enough, you would "just do it".

Well maybe that works for some people, but it did not work for me.

My why was always big enough and I knew the how but my fears always took me back and got me off purpose. I knew it was an issue I had to learn to get a hold of and make better or I was going to stay stuck where I was.

And I also know that what you focus on is what you bring to you.

Until you understand that you are the sole reason why you're life is where it's at today and no one, not one single person and no issue has anything to do with your circumstances,
only thought – your thought
until you get to the source of your current existence, nothing will change for you.

Remember, Jim Rohn says "for things to change, you must change".

I knew that, just did not know how.

It's true that it's not the circumstances that decide your situation, it's how you REACT to the circumstances that decide your situation.

In his Know How To Be Rich series, Dr. Robert Anthony teaches a process he calls "flip switch". By learning this "flip switch" action, I have learned to be aware, in the moment, of my thoughts, actions and feelings and to know wherever or not where I am, in the moment, is taking me to where I absolutely want to go and if it's not, I "flip switch".

Learning how to "flip switch" was, for me, not an easy process to learn. Sure, I was resisting because, those negative voices in my head kept telling me it could not be that easy, but it really is. And it's been absolutely life changing for me.

Today, I know and understand I have complete control over how I respond to any situation, any conversation that comes into my day. No more will someone else's negative words / posts take over my interactions because I know how to "flip switch", whether it's posting something positive after a negative post (it's interfering the thought process) or doing I am reacting to a situation inside my body, my head.

Because you see, I know now that the outcome of my day is totally dependent on where I'm at, in the moment, while in conversation with others and I know that what I bring into my head is what I put out to others and what I put out to others is what I attract, the type of person I bring into conversation with me.

In no way do I want to bring someone who thrives on negativity and "power" into my business. We're a team, that power thing, those negative vibes, they just do not cut it with me.

And I really do not want someone who's too weak to make the change, to step up and step out to learn to be more and better. It does not matter that you know what to do, what matters is that you're open to learning, as I am. That's the type of person I'm looking for and I know I can not convey that if my heart and mind are NOT in the right place while in conversation.

So, moral of the story is, if you're not at where you think you should be,
If you're business is not growing like you think it should be
If you find yourself constantly being challenged emotionally or financially (fears)
If you know in you're heart that you're in the right place, at the right time but for some reason, you're not creating what others before you have created ……..

Look inside, look at that person in the mirror looking back at you and challenge that person to learn where this obstacle is coming from. Then, learn to be aware of those feelings or thoughts patterns that move you away from your vision so YOU ​​can control those thoughts instead of having those thoughts control you.

It's so totally true

If I can do it, you can do it.

The question is, are you willing to do what I do?

Whether on the phone, person to person or on a message board, if the conversation does not resonate with you in any way, learn to "flip switch" (interrupt the conversation or thought pattern), but you must learn to do it with sincerity , that is IF you're sincere of your intentions, and help point others in the direction of prosperity so you can all be moving in the same direction together.

Dare To Dream

Karen Umstattd

"Hakuna Matata"