Do You Know How Risky Your Life Is?

Right from the time getting up from the bed till going to sleep in the night, we take many risks in our daily life. All these are self-created in the name of comfort and happiness. In other words, development comes at a heavy cost of life itself.

Building. From the nomadic life to the booking a place on the Moon, man has designed his own residence. However, the degree of inherent risks has gone up manifold. The simple hut was easy to construct and maintain, and less risky to dwell. The high-rise building has several n drawbacks like the shocks from earthquake and fire accident, slower mobility, elevators’ failure, etc. Tunnels, bridges, dams, and transmission towers facilitate in transportation and storage, but prove fatal if their construction suffers from quality and maintenance.

Chemicals have become an integral part of life. Anything from the food to the atomic energy, toothpaste to the hair-dye, lipstick to the memory chip, are produced with the help of chemicals only. They affect our life in various ways as pollution, contamination, gene mutation, and decline in natural immunity.

Machines. Since the invention of the wheel, the role of machines is tremendous in modern life. The home appliances like the fans, heater, toaster, micro-oven, fridge, etc. generate radiation and deplete the good air in the environment. Imagine the losses from the fall of the ceiling fan, the burst of Air conditioners and cell phones. Similarly, the emission from any transport vehicle spoils the environment besides the risk of mishaps from their failures. The Nuclear plants silently kill the society while the bombs bring an instant end to all.

Selfishness. Social aberrations and moral failures have become routine. The selfishness of an individual or a group has manifested into aggression and hatred leading to violence, corruption, bribery, wars, etc. Greed and creed have become self-centered instead of generating and propagating the peace and prosperity. Money and power remain to be the main reasons for most of the crimes. Favoritism and Nepotism dominate everywhere as the material welfare is considered the focus of the modern world.

The man-made risks multiply over time and make the human life more miserable and unpleasant. So, Remember these risks of life and take precautions with prudence to lead a cheerful life.

Strive to live a holistic life by integrating with Nature and through helping others in all possible ways. Because sharing makes your life the meaningful and ideal as well.