Do You Know What Lean Manufacturing Is?

Lean Manufacturing is a very good process for Managing Directors to implement through their businesses. This process takes into account all of the waste caused by the carrying out of procedures. The aim is to then minimize the quantity of waste produced without affecting the quality of the end product.

Dating back

The term lean manufacturing has a history that dates back many years. Lean comes from the thinking that in business waste is not a luxury anyone can afford and then the philosophy of producing in a 'lean' way emerged. The basic principles of lean manufacturing can be found in very old documents including those written by Ben Franklin such as 'The Way to Wealth', who in turn greatly influenced Henry Ford a huge advocate for Just In Time production. A method which involves only buying the materials you immediately need, rather than building up a large amount of raw stock which needs constant inventories.

Henry Ford was the Founder of the Ford Motor Company and implemented many 'modern' techniques to ensure that his factory was extremely efficient and economic.

In the work place

Waste in the work place does not necessarily mean a waste of materials such as plastic, metal etc. At the end of the day we do not all work in factories! But it can also mean a waste in people's time, effort and attention.

If you wish to bring lean manufacturing into the work place then all your processes will be scrutinized to find out exactly where waste is being produced and just how it can be eliminated.