Do You Really Need a Hydromatic Sump Pump in Your Basement?

Perhaps you have purchased a home with a basement and for some reason there is no sump pump system in the basement. Should you run right out and buy a complete sump pump system and does your system have to have a hydromatic sump pump in it? What does "hydromatic" mean anyway?

Does Your Basement Flood?

Not all rains flood when it rains. Some basements flood sometimes and some basements take in water just about every time that it rains due to a high water table. This means that each particular foundation will have its own requirements for water removal.

Water Activated

A hydromatic sump pump is a pump that contains some sort of trigger mechanism that turns it on automatically when water that needs to be pumped out is present. There are a few different type of hydormatic sump pump trigger mechanisms but by far the most popular is a simple float mechanism.

Float Trigger

Like a wheel, the float type of hydromatic sump pump trigger system just seems to be the oldest and the most reliable, so people have stuck with it. However; there is one downside of a float trigger on a hydromatic sump pump and that is that the water has to build up before the pump will go on.

Other Trigger Options

This is why some people opt for haydromatic sump pump trigger mechanisms that are engineered to sit much lower to the ground. While these newer trigger systems still require water to enter the sump basin to be activated they only require as little as an inch or so of water to activate.

Consider Your Options

Whether or not you actually need a hydromatic sump pump in your basement is entirely up to you. If you store valuables in your foundation or have remodeled it into living space you may give it consideration even if you live in a desert where it never rains. This is because, even a broken pipe or misplaced garden hose that is left on can lead to a flooding disaster.