Do You Really Need a Police LED Cree DU2 Tactical Flashlight?

Most people think of police tactical flashlights as long, bulky, heavy devices which are used to subdue criminals. While some do fall into this category, advanced technology has allowed manufacturers to create compact, palm-size styles that are easy to conceal, yet deliver a powerful punch.

Purchasing a police LED Cree DU2 flashlight is a smart choice for those seeking a personal safety device. This non-lethal weapon emits exceptionally bright light and is capable of inflicting temporary blindness when shone directly into a person’s eyes.

The DU2 model is also equipped with a strike bezel located around the head lamp. The indentations can be used to strike an assailant and are capable of causing substantial pain; especially when combined with the luminous light beam.

While Cree LED flashlights are superb for personal safety, they are also a good choice for several professions, such as law enforcement, security, construction, and mechanical trades.

Due to their compact size and excellent brightness, DU2 flashlights can shed light in dark areas such as basements, attics, and crawl spaces. Electricians, plumbers, construction workers and mechanics prefer this style because it is easy to use in tight areas.

Most tactical flashlights can also be mounted to hard hats to allow use of both hands. The DU2 is compatible with Weaver and Picatinny mounts for shotguns and rifles.

The Cree DU2 is often used by police officers, firefighters, emergency responders, and military personnel. In fact, this particular flashlight was designed based on collaboration and input from several law enforcement agencies.

It can be used in multiple applications which include restraining criminals; illuminating crime scenes; and directing traffic at accident scenes. Since it produces up to 700 lumens, it’s perfect for projecting expansive light beams across fields or wooded areas and can aid in locating individuals who flee on foot.

Tactical flashlights are also well-suited for a variety of outdoor activities. Hunters prefer this style due to the ability to attach to rifle mounts. So do cyclists and hikers because the device offers additional safety while riding or walking trails.It is also a must-have for campers and boaters.

When purchasing a tactical flashlight, be certain to look for models that offer multiple light settings, including SOS and strobe features. It’s vital to have the ability to signal for help when out in wide open spaces.

The DU2 model is equipped with five soft touch mode settings which include high, medium, low, SOS, and strobe. The device is capable of illuminating areas up to a distance of 400 feet.

Weighing in just under 6 ounces and less than 6.25 -inches in length, the Cree LED DU2 flashlight is easy to transport and store. Manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum, the device is non-corrosive and impact-resistant to provide years of use.

Another feature to consider is making certain tactical flashlights include Cree bulbs and components. Cree is known for revolutionizing the LED industry by manufacturing durable and long-lasting components. The average lifespan of a Cree chip set is 100,000 hours.

It is recommended to use quality batteries with Cree components to maximize the life cycle and obtain the brightest light. LED semiconductors work differently than those that produce watts. Using inferior batteries could result in spotty lighting and shorten diode life.

Since LED flashlights are more energy efficient than other styles, it’s advisable to use rechargeable batteries. The DU2 requires three triple A batteries or one 18650 lithium ion battery with a protected integrated circuits (PIC).

Whether you’re looking for a multipurpose flashlight to use around the home or office, as a personal safety device, for outdoor activities, or for use in your work profession, the Cree LED DU2 is an affordable option that delivers great results when needed.