Do You Really Need to Test?

Let's talk about testing today.

Do you REALLY need to test? Or is it just something other marketers like to say when they can not answer your question?

My opinion?

Testing is extremely important.

In fact, if you do not do it, you'll kill your own profits.

How so?

Well, it's kinda like in the movie "Iron Man." Part of the story is about how billionaire weapons creator Tony Stark (Iron Man) gets caught in a terrorist attack, and the explosion lodges little pieces of shrapnel into his chest that are constantly moving towards his heart.

And once they make it – bam! – he's a dead man.

The solution?

One of Tony's fellow prisoners (the terrorists capture Tony to make them a missile) hooks up a makeshift electromagnet to Tony's chest which keeps all those tiny pieces of razor sharp shrapnel from reaching his heart. (While also making his Iron Man "super suit" work.)

Anywhere, here's the point:

Testing is the EXACT same way .

It's like strapping a giant electromagnet to your ads that keeps all the "shrapnel" in your market (ie your competitions' ads) from destroying your response.

I do not care how "killer" your ad or sales letter is, either.

Sooner or later it WILL get massred.

Unt, of course, you keep testing and measuring.

So yes, testing is big time important if you want long term profits and success.

In fact, as Iron Man himself would say:

Just like superheroes, great marketing is not born – it's built .

And usually one simple test at a time.