Does The Fuel Shark Really Save Gas? Product Review

If you’re like me, then we doubt claims made by manufacturers of revolutionary new products that will help us lose weight by taking a pill or in this case save gas by plugging this little device into a lighter adaptor. I put the Fuel Shark through its’ paces and was amazed at the results!

The Fuel Shark is a device that is designed to instantly stabilize your car’s electrical system, resulting in better fuel efficiency and overall performance. By stabilizing your car’s electrical system, one big benefit is that your engine’s spark plugs deliver a strong even spark, resulting in better combustion. This can increase power and MPG, in addition to having cleaner emissions, according to the manufacturer Direct Brands LLC. It sounds great so let’s check it out.

Our second family car is a gas guzzling Ford Explorer 2004, which is rated for 12 mpg city and 18 mpg highway (new) and now has 115,000 miles on it. We established that the Explorer gets an average of 8.9 mpg in mixed driving around New York City. This was based on driving 369 miles and using 41.5 gallons over two fill-ups.

Now all we do is plug the Fuel Shark in the lighter socket before starting the car in the morning and unplug it when we park for the evening. This is because the Explorer supplies continuous power with the engine off. If you car cuts power to the lighter/adaptor plugs then you can leave it plugged in all the time. The expected life of the device is about three years.

Here are the results we got from the very first tank full:

First: 233 miles – 19.2 gallons – 12.1 mpg

Second: 211 miles – 19.5 gallons – 10.8 mpg

Third: 104 miles – 8.44 gallons – 12.3 mpg

Straight Highway Test Run: 100 miles at 68-70 mph – 4.63 gallons – 21.6 mpg

This run was amazing since the Explorer is only rated for 18 mpg highway.

Fifth/Sixth: 331 miles – 28.9 gallons – 11.5 mpg

The savings are fantastic! For these runs we used 81 gallons of gas. Without the Fuel Shark, we would have used about 102 gallons which means we saved 21 gallons driving 979 miles. The average increase in mileage went from 9.5 mpg to 12 mpg, which is an incredible 26% increase in efficiency!

At $3.75/gallon our total savings was $78.75. The Fuel Shark paid for itself by the fourth fill up and of course gets my full recommendation. One point you should know, if you decide to try out this little marvel. The shipping cost was $15 (very high) for a $30 product. However, you can buy two for the same $15 shipping cost (which I would have done if I knew).

Needless to say, we were simply astounded at the incredible increase in mileage from this device and it is so easy and convenient to use.