Dog Boots – The Benefits For Your Pet

In today’s world, it is no longer an issue or a weird occurrence when pets (especially dogs) walk around with classy and trendy footwear-or shall we say paw-wear.

Dog boots and dog shoes (sometimes referred to as dog booties or winter dog boots for the cold season) have long been considered necessities in the pet world since dogs are being “walked” around a lot. Pets need the utmost protection from the cold of the snow and ice, the salt on the streets that many cities use to help break down that ice, the heat from the concrete pavement in the summer, the slippery hardwood floors at home, or perhaps they might develop allergies on their paws due to exposure to certain irritants that come in contact with their skin.

As a pet owner, the welfare of the pet should come first. One has to take into consideration the benefits that a pet would get from wearing dog boots or dog shoes. Having our pets wear dog booties, which are usually made of rubber or plastic, protects them primarily from injuries caused by losing balance on slippery surfaces.

Dog boots and dog shoes not only protect the paws of our pets, it also gives their feet comfort. For example, with dog booties, the bottom of the boot might be padded so that each time your dog’s paws lands on the floor, it will feel the softness of the shoes instead of the rigidity of the concrete floor.

Dog booties can also serve to protect a paw injury the dog may have had. Many dogs will lick their injury until their skin is raw – this can cause a problem in the healing process.

Finally, fleece lined winter dog boots give added protection to your pets during the cold season. During this time of year, our pets need to be kept warm by using these winter dog boots that come in different styles. Some even match the Christmas theme you might be having at home. It is, as with other pet footwear, very important to take note of the material used.

Aside from all these benefits, it is also of much pride to the pet owner that his or her pets look fashionable and trendy, which means that they are more than well taken care of. Camouflage dog boots, Mary Jane dog shoes and Hi Top sneakers are all examples of stylish footwear for your pet.