Dog Dominance Behavior – Female Dog Mounting Behavior

Dog mounting behavior is a very embarrassing thing and something I am regularly asked to combat. It is a symptom of a serious underlying dog dominance behavior problem that requires expert help for effective dog behavior modification. Do not even think about trying it yourself, because if you do not do it exactly right, there is an absolute guarantee that you will be bitten. Don’t even start it if you cannot finish it, or you will make it much worse. So, what is the true story about dog humping women, female dog mounting behavior, and related dog instinctive behaviors?

A female client of mine asked: “Is my dog suffering from a mental defect? Should she be on medication to help her? She mounts me. She humps my daughter. She also mounts visitors who walk in!”

The spectacularly beautiful Labrador, “Lady,” was a purebred, but she had received no training. I prepared myself, eager for this challenge. I set the appointment and walked in…

Instantly and before the door was even fully opened, Lady tried to mount me. I grabbed the scruff of her neck with one hand, and did a “pack hold” on her neck with the other. Lady tried to mouth me and to place a paw on my hand, trying to take control. (If you don’t respond to that with immediate correction, she is in control!) I gave her a “pack bite” each time to let her know that nothing less than total surrender would be accepted.

Lady began to yelp loudly and show her teeth. I held her firmly and reacted each time she objected. I refused to give Lady an inch. If I had not known what I was doing and held her properly, she would have torn me up! She meant business and was not going to give up without a fight.

This day Lady was to know that her days of humping women were forever over!

One and one-half hours later, I was pouring with sweat and had deodorant failure. I kid you not. They knew it and I knew it! Lady was tongue-dangling exhausted. She submitted completely. All parts of her body were flat and straight on the ground – tail, legs, everything!

I released my hold. Lady looked at me before she dared move, then stood up when I commanded. I had won unquestionable Pack Leader position.

I walked out the door and came back in. Lady sniffed me politely, then returned to a corner in the house where I directed. I did this through every door in the house and through the gate. I made her wait in front of each one before she was allowed to go out, doing this both with and without a leash.

I showed the mother and daughter how to handle Lady, and they both did it like pro’s. Lady died two years later at the ripe old age of 12, having never mounted anyone again.

Moral of the story? Female dog mounting behavior can, indeed be stopped, and yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks. However, it is not easy, and you need nothing less than a dog behavior modification professional who understands dog dominance behavior and what is commonly referred to as the dog whisper technique. There is no room for error!