Doghouse Plans – How to Build and Plan a Doghouse

After a spate of burglaries in our area my wife and I decided to get a dog, a yard dog that is. After visiting the local animal shellter we claimed to a rather fine looking, medium sized cross – crossed with what being hard to say.

Before bringing the dog home we needed to get a kennel and luckily I already had a set of plans for various outbuildings and they included a few different doghouse plans. I had previously built a garden shed so I had all the tools I needed and some leftover wood too.

The doghouse plans I decided on had a list of all the materials I needed and fortunately the timber left over from the garden shed was ideal. After leaving out what I already had from the shed I took my list to the local hardware store and made my purchases. Having a good set of plans meant I only had to make one visit.

My doghouse plans were very detailed and so easy to follow that I had a great looking kennel built in less than a day.

At four o'clock my wife and I collected the dog, now christened Tommy (do not ask) from the dog pound and introduced him to his new home.

After having a sniff round the yard (and dampening down most of the fence posts) Tommy settled down in his new kennel as if he never never left it.

Two weeks later and we have a safe house and a great new addition to the family, oh, and the walks are doing me good too.