Dollhousesb – Use a Dollhouse Kit Or Build My Own?

Dollhouses: Use a Dollhouse Kit or Build My Own?

Dollhouse crafting is a fun hobby for any crafter, builder, or architect at heart. One of the first questions that you should ask yourself is: should I build a dollhouse from scratch, or use a dollhouse kit? We have a couple of recommendations that will help in this decision. First, do you have enough time? Second, do you have the right tools and skills to build a dollhouse from scratch? Third, is money an issue? Last, why are you building this dollhouse?

Dollhouse Kits: Do you have enough time ?

Dollhouses, like any hobby, will take quite a bit of time to design, build, and furnish. In order to help you decide if you want to build or buy a kit is how much time you have to put into this hobby. Building a dollhouse from a dollhouse kit will take time and energy, but not nearly as much as building it yourself.

If you have enough time to draw out the dollhouse plans, and cut materials to the exact length and angle then we suggest that you go ahead. Dollhouse kits are really intended for crafters without the time, tools, or energy to make the materials. A dollhouse kit is intended to be put together with minimal cutting in a smooth manner. We suggest that if you are going to build a dollhouse from scratch that you at least download some dollhouse plans to have an idea of ​​what you will need to build.

Dollhouse Kits: Do you have the right tools and skills to build a dollhouse from scratch?

Dollhouses will require several cuts at varying angles. Also you will need to cut holes into wood for the windows and doors. Many other small cuts will be needed for shingles, trim, stairs, etc. It is possible to build a dollhouse without any tools but a hammer and a saw, but we would highly discourage this endeavor as it will be a long, slow, process.

Dollhouse Kits: Is money an issue?

One of the main reasons that people believe that building a dollhouse from scratch is a better option is money. If this is the only reason that you have, then we would suggest a dollhouse kit. Building a dollhouse from scratch will cost about the same as a kit, because manufacturers save money buying in bulk and the labor cost is low due to putting several dollhouse kits together a day. In the end if you will end up spending about the same amount in building your dollhouse from scratch, but it will take you much longer to do so, and there is no guarantee that it will fit together as well as a dollhouse kit.

Dollhouse Kits: Why are you building this dollhouse?

If you are building this dollhouse for the experience, fun, or a hobby, then building it from scratch is a great option. If you are building this dollhouse for display or even a gift then we recommend a dollhouse kit, as there are many small details that are perfected in dollhouse kits that are hard to pull off in your first attempt: details such as stained wooden shingles, a staircase with a banister, or even a gazebo porch. If you are intent on building your own, we suggest that you purchase some kit elements that will enhance your dollhouse, such as a staircase.

In the end this decision building from scratch or from a dollhouse kit will be determined from what type of experience that you want. Some relish in building something from nothing, others just want a fun experience that they can share with others. Remember to plan ahead, look at the pros and cons of both and then just have fun with your dollhouse experience.