Domain Samurai Review – Domain Name Research

Produced by the makers of Market Samurai, the invaluable keyword research tool, Domain Samurai has a lot going for it. First of all, it’s free – a major bonus. Most of the tools by the company cost upwards of $100. The low cost is a major plus, because it is a vastly useful tool for domain name research.

Another great feature of Domain Samurai is the Aged Domains tool, which allows users to find existing domains with the desired keywords. This domains already possess page rank and have been around for some time, which gives them more strength than a brand new website would have. They also possess back links, which is another aspect that you won’t have to spend time building up. The way to access this is to connect your DomainFace account with the program, which will then display the data feeds for Aged Domains.

I mentioned domain name research earlier, and this is where the program truly shines. A well chosen domain carries much more SEO juice than a poorly optimized one might, and this tool allows you to search for domains with your keyword, as well as secondary and tertiary keywords. Even domains that have been purchased but are up for auction are shown, and it might be well worth the extra money to purchase one up for auction – it holds some of the same benefits of aged domains.

By purchasing several domains related to your keyword, you can dominate the market for certain searches, which results in a large traffic boost and typically means more revenue. The program displays the available domains for a certain keyword and displays their density – the higher the density the better. For instance, if your keyword was dog, it might show “,” “,” “,” etc. If used correctly, the tool can even give an idea of related keywords you could take advantage of.

The one thing to remember is that this tool is no different from the Domain Research Tool found in Market Samurai, Noble Samurai’s paid product. If you already own it, there is no need to download this program. However, for someone just starting out, it can be an easy way to do some preliminary research at a very low cost. I hope this Domain Samurai review has been helpful; the program seems to have very few downsides, and there’s little harm in downloading it, since it is free. If you dislike it, uninstall it. I would recommend giving it a try and discovering for yourself how it works for you.