Don’t Risk Your Life! Learn Arc Flash Safety!

What is Arc Flash Safety?:

Since electrical arc can result in loss of eye sight, eye burns, injury in any other part of the body or even loss of life, companies must take measures to protect their employees from such accidents.

Behind such incidents, human error is also a factor; special measures for safety should be taken when handling electrical equipment. Following are some ways of preventing arc flash explosions:

Infrared Scanners:

Infrared scanners can detect any misplacement in the tools or electrical equipment. These scanners can warn us well in time for any electrical danger. So installing these scanners in the companies can prove to be vital.

Voltage Indicators:

Voltage indicators show how much voltage of energy is being conducted by the electrical equipment. So such indicators can help measure voltage preventing manual measuring of voltage, and thus reducing the risk of any injury to employees.

Switching off the Applications:

Another way of preventing arc flash explosion is to switch off the electrical applications before inserting any tool in it.

Calculating Energy Flow:

Moreover, through the analyses, the amount of energy flow in the power system can be calculated and so it can be judged as to how much threat the electrical system can pose for the worker. Then accordingly, the ‘boundary’ or limit of distance can be set for the worker beyond which the area should be restricted.

PPE (Personal Protection Equipment):

PPE includes all forms of equipment which can help save the workers or employees from injuries or burns, such as protective gloves, caps, coats and so forth. This is also part of the arc flash analysis, and helps making the employees remain on guard for their own safety.


Labeling is another very effective step which is part of Arc flash analysis which refers to putting up warning labels for the workers to wear protective equipment before dealing with the electrical tools. This is help the workers understand and remember to be aware of the danger areas and assist them in getting prepared before heading on for electrical work.


Another very effective measure for arc flash safety is training the employees and teaching them about different ways of self-protection from electrical short circuits. Training includes watching demos, and getting hands-on experience of its safety measures.

All in all, since through these methods of safety the information gets embedded in the minds of the workers, and every time they have an encounter with a high power electrical system, they would be beware of the possible outcomes of not following safety rules.