Door Awnings

Door awnings or canopies are protective roof-like coverings for doors of a building. Some types are made of canvas or strong waterproof synthetic fabrics mounted on a frame and are used for covering the door and walkway.

Many types and configurations of awnings and canopy structures are available in the market today. Retractable awnings that extend from the roof or face of the building provide weatherproof cover at doors and entryways and are typically made of canvas or vinyl. Similar awnings are also used to cover windows, storefront, or patios. Door and window awnings are available in several styles and sizes to accommodate different configurations. Latest door and window awnings incorporate a ?roll up? design, allowing easy manual retraction of the awning. Many companies manufacture door and window awnings in kit forms. A wide choice of different shades of high quality marine weave fabric is also available. These awning kits are quite easy to assemble and usually come with the necessary installation hardware and detailed instructions. The awning frames are made of extruded aluminum sections and offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Metal awnings are usually permanently installed at the doors and windows of the house. The awnings allow opening, closing, and cleaning of the windows, while protecting window and door structure from the elements. They are usually bolted into the walls and calked around the wall interface to prevent water leakage. They are generally not removed from their fixed locations unless requiring replacement or repair. Copper or steel door and window awnings enhance the appearance of the building or the establishment while simultaneously protecting the structure against sun and rain. High quality door and window awnings can be custom made from multi-ribbed steel or copper sheets. Awnings protect the buildings and inside furnishings and also add style and class to the building itself.

If properly taken care of, stationary door awnings can provide years of undiminished maintenance-free service. When buying fabric awnings for home usage, it is better to make sure that they are most suitable for the local climate.