Door Knocker Installation

Installing a door knocker may seem like a simple project, but it seems that there are a few questions to be answered before getting started.

I just had one of the best laughs I have ever had. While watching one of my favorite TV shows, the main characters walked up to a house to knock on the door. I had to look twice but there it was, a beautiful little urn style door knocker not only mounted way to high on the door, but it was installed upside down. This situation required a very tall visitor to use a door knocker that probably could not generate enough knock to be effective.

Needless to say, knuckles were used instead.

This was a good laugh but it did expose a reality to a guy who sells door knockers for a living.

Door knockers are usually purchased that uses either surface mounting or through the door mounting.

Surface mounting would be the simplest. Screws pass through the body of the door knocker and into the door behind.

Through the door mounting as the name implies, uses bolts that pass through the door and screws into the door knocker to hold it in place.

The through the door method is a bit more complicated because holes must be drilled through the door to match the mounting points on the door knocker. To complicate matters many times the mounting bolts themselves must be cut to the proper length to match the width of the door.

If you are replacing an existing door knocker that uses through the door mounting you must find a new door knocker that uses the exact same bolt pattern, or, as it is properly called, bolt center as the previous one has.

The bolt center measurement is the exact distance from the center of one mounting bolt to the center of another mounting bolt.

If you purchase a replacement door knocker with a different bolt center dimension you will need to drill another hole through the door. The further problem is there will be an unused hole in the door that must be covered or filled.

It is usually preferable to find a replacement door knocker using the same bolt center dimension but this is not always possible. There is no standard and the bolt center is usually determined by the design of the door knocker itself.

And now what seems like the hundred thousand dollar question for door knocker installation. Where do I mount it on the door?

The pattern and design of the door itself may dictate where the knocker is mounted. There always seems to be the lingering question of how high?

Once again there is no standard but logic should dictate that the average person should be able to reach the door knocker for it to be used. Even if you intend the knocker to be purely ornamental and not be used, it just does not look right if it is located way to high or low.

A typical height from the bottom of the door would be around 5 feet, or about eye level of an average person, give or take a bit to match the pattern of the door.

As a final thought, a door knocker really should be mounted on the door itself, not next to it. Once again if the knocker is there for purely ornamental reasons it may make little difference but if you are expecting results from it that is another case. The tap of the knocker will not resonate through the door jam or wall effectively enough to be heard well on the other side.

A door knocker is a wonderful inexpensive addition to your home that can add charm and warmth to your entrance. Once installed it should require little attention or maintenance for many years to come.