Door Security Systems

The number of cases related to unauthorized entry has increased over the years, which has prompted many companies to design and manufacture automated door security systems. Door security systems are designed to protect houses, shops, offices and other buildings from forced entry and minimized the opportunities of robbery.

Door security systems can be installed on different types of doors such as metal, wood, plastic, glass and fiberglass. They are available in different specifications to suit the security requirements of different types of buildings. Household security systems may consist of a password enabled electronic locking device, whereas high-end door security systems are often combined with intruder alarms and security cameras to provide enhanced security.

Door security systems used in large organizations and government agencies such as FBI and CIA have advanced identification systems that are manufactured according to the security needs of the organization. These may include biometric solutions, such as fingerprint identification systems that contain digital fingerprint records of authorized personnel and do not open the door, unless the user's fingerprint matches with the stored digital print. The latest door security systems record the iris patterns of authorized users, and use alerts to alert the control room in case an unauthorized person tries to open the door.

Laser technology is also used in some door security systems, in which an invisible beam of laser surrounds the door. If an intruder or any other thing gets in the way of these beams, the circuit is interrupted and an alarm is activated to alert security. Door security systems also use motion sensors to detect movement in front and around a door.

Door security systems have enabled households and organizations to protect life and property at reasonable costs. Manufacturers are deploying a large portion of their revenues in research and development for developing new door security systems, as trespassers often find a way to bypass commonly used security systems.