Do’s and Don’ts When Cleaning Rugs

Rugs provide a great accent to dull floors. Most interior designers would usually suggest putting rugs in bedrooms and living rooms as it adds to the cozy feel of the place.

But you don’t simply put a rug somewhere and leave it there. It doesn’t merely sit still as it would usually demand your attention. You would have to clean it up regularly in order to avoid staining it or causing it to have a stench.

And maintaining home items like rugs and carpets is no piece of cake. Doing the wrong practices will not only lead to frustration with the stubborn stains, it can also cause damage to the fabric of the rug. So you really have to be careful in choosing the steps you take to clean and maintain your rug. The following are some do’s and don’ts when cleaning rugs:

Do regular cleaning. Vacuuming the rug daily will help avoid dust and dirt from sticking into the fabrics making it more difficult to remove. when running the vacuum cleaner it is best to do so over and under the rug for a more thorough cleaning.

Don’t vacuum lose threads. If you see a lose fiber or thread sticking out of the rug, avoid running the vacuum cleaner into it as this might cause the loose thread to be pulled too hard. Pulling a loose thread too hard can create a run in the rug. The best thing to do is to get a pair of shears and cut it off carefully.

Do check the warning labels. Try to take a look under your rug. There are usually warning labels and care instructions. Make sure you read them before using any product or doing any cleaning procedure to the rug.

Don’t use harsh ingredients. As much as possible, avoid using strong household products which can damage the fabric of the rug. If you are uncertain as to whether the cleaning product is okay to use, you can do a spot test by putting the product in one small spot of the rug to see if it caused any damage.

Do regular deep cleaning. Once in a while, it is also necessary for you to deep clean your carpet. You can use a steam cleaner or simply wash your carpet with a detergent solution. This would help eliminate the stains that are not removed by vacuuming alone. This will also help avoid causing the rug to stink.

Don’t leave stains. Avoid leaving the stains behind. Once you notice it, you should clean it immediately so it won’t be too difficult to remove and won’t cause any foul odor.