Double Column Cover Letters

For each position that we apply for, there should be an effective corresponding cover letter to enhance your resume and highlight the reasons why you are a good match. Using a double column cover letter can double your chances of being found in a database search just by the sheer volume of keyword or buzz words included. The cover letter is your story, sure, but it can be used to literally ‘fling’ your resume above others in database search engines.

Right now, Recruiters and Hiring Managers are searching through electronic databases such as CareerBuilder and Monster to find a good match for their job description. Using your cover letter to help you ‘jump hurdles’ over other applicants is vital if you don’t personally know anyone in the office who will get you an interview for the job.

The double column format is extremely effective when you possess all the qualifications for a job, but it is also equally effective when you lack one or more of the qualifications provided in the job description. The format clearly shows that you are qualified in many areas and the employer may be willing to overlook the areas in which your exact qualifications are deficient.

The opening and closing of the letter provide great value to the hiring manager or recruiter when trying to find a good match. Include that you have reviewed the position and can see for yourself that you possess the qualifications for the job posted.

Remember: Time is of the essence. You are job hunting. Once you find a suitable position, go after it until you get that interview and get the job.