Douglas Hammer – A Best Seller

The hammer is a basic tool that is usually used by many professions. They are essential especially if you want to deliver impact to an object. They are commonly used for driving nails, forging metal and for fitting parts. There is a variety of designs meant to be used for specific purposes. Their usual features include a handle and a head. It is one of the oldest tools used in building structures.

One of the companies that can be related to this tool would be the Douglas Hammer brand. This company is dedicated to providing the highest quality, maximum utility, wood handled hammers to the trade professional or the simple homeowner. They offer hammers for all kinds of carpentry. You will discover that old hammers will not compete when it comes to utility, style, comfort and functionality.

The Douglas Brand uses the latest patented technology of H2IT also known as Head-Handle Interface Technology. This is exclusive for the Douglas brand. H2IT technology reduces vibration by uniting the natural vibration of the wood with the strength of the steel.

One of their best sellers would be the Douglas 23oz framing hammer. It is a polished steel alloy shank that slides into a 16 inch slotted hickory handle. Aside from stiffness and strength, the principal edges of the shank protect the wood from faulty strikes that is the biggest factor to broken handles. The ergonomic design strives for improvement to old hammers.

The handle shape of the hammer that Douglas refers to as a Crossover design is expected to deliver the best functions of both straight handles and axe style curved handles. It also has the property of a magnetized nail set to hold the nail in place before you begin. There is also a side nail pull and a side strike surface. The back-end of the head of the hammer boasts a rip claw that’s sharp enough to tear down blocks and dig out nails.

The Douglas line does not come cheap. Expect to pay $60 or more which is reasonable since they have a warranty for two years. You may buy them from hardware stores and online stores.