Dowel Rods for Kitchen Use

Without a doubt, when one thinks of dowel rods, woodworking and crafts immediately come to mind. This is because dowel rods are commonly and routinely used in woodworking. However, the uses of dowel rods are much more versatile than some may realize. In fact, they can be quite handy in the kitchen in traditional and non-traditional ways. Let’s examine some possibilities for uses of dowel rods in the kitchen.

Some of the traditional, woodworking-related ways dowel rods can be ideal for kitchen uses include the ability to make certain items from scratch. For instance, kitchen utensils are simple projects that can be completed easily and with a minimal investment of both time and expense. Consider trying a hand at creating wooden spoons, ladles, or honey drippers. Dowels can be used as handles for each of these projects. Once completed, mount dowels to a strip of wood, paint or stain, and hang your new, ready-to-use utensils near your stove top for convenience and easy access.

Easily make a dish drying rack and add a natural, wooden element to your kitchen in the process. Another simple project to consider is a paper towel dispenser. With some creativity and imagination, these can be made either as standing, vertical units, which can be placed on kitchen counters, or as elongated, horizontal units, which can be mounted under cabinets. Because of their relative simplicity, each of these would also be an excellent, but simple project for the beginning woodworker.

For a more experienced woodworker, dowels can be used in the repair or upgrade of kitchen seating, as, quite commonly, the rungs of chairs are formed from dowel. Consider adding dowels with grooves or hooks to kitchen cabinets to hang coffee mugs or teacups and free up some storage space. Or, use dowels to create a plate rack inside your kitchen cabinets for the same reason. A piece of wood with simple dowel or more ornate shaker pegs would make a great hanging rack for aprons, oven mitts, and pot holders.

There are some less traditional, but equally resourceful uses for dowel in the kitchen as well.

When it comes to baking, dowels can be used to support tiered cakes. Because they vary in size, they may also be purchased and used as an accurate guide for measuring thickness when rolling out dough. For those who enjoy making pasta from scratch, another creative use is for pasta drying. Create a rack for your homemade pastas.

Use a wood dowel to circularly wrap cloth napkins and avoid wrinkling and ironing altogether! If kitchen drawer space is limited, consider making a hanging or countertop linen rack. This is a functional tool, but can also compliment or accent your kitchen décor. If kitchen drawer space is available, consider using dowels to create compartments for typical supplies, such as pens or pencils, sticky notes, tape, scissors, magnets, or coupons.

Depending on the bulk (weight) of the material, a sturdy hardwood dowel may be used in kitchen window treatments. Less hardy dowels may be considered for lighter valances.

There is so much more that can be done with dowels than many may ever imagine. Use some of these ideas to make simple and cost-effective improvements to your kitchen, and let an ordinary wood dowel do the extraordinary for you.