Drawer Safes

Drawer safes may not be as commonplace or popular as other types of safes such as office safes or fireproof safes, in fact up to last year I was not even sure what a drawer safe actually was! However all that changed when my home was burgled last year and I lost not only many items of value but items of sentimental value as well which no amount of financial compensation could ever replace.

By having a drawer safe in my home I could have invented the theft of these items as drawer safes are "hidden safes" which means that the thief will not know where the safe is and even if they do manage to locate it, they will be unable to open the safe which means the contents remain safe and secure. Companies who supply these safes for the home market specialize in the design and installation of hidden safes and secret compartments. The most popular models are designed to protect jewelry, cash, passports, handguns and other small items that do not need to be lying around. Often manufacturers call this hidden safe the "jewelry drawer safe" because most people want to hide jewelry in it.

There are a wide range of drawer safes available to the consumer and I did my research carefully and thoroughly before purchasing. Many drawer safes on the market have "easy opening" feature which means that it can be opened in about a second! but only the owner will know where it is and how it opens. This means there is no fumbling about with combinations or losing keys, all you need to do is just activate the hidden switch / switches and your safe opens like magic. These safes can be hidden so well that, unless you tell them, your family members will not even know about it. Many drawer safes are fire-resistant and operate on a 12 volt system that means they work even if your electricity is out! Many types of switches can be used to open safes but we will not get into that on the Internet.

Of course drawer safes are not just used to protect your valuables against theft. Many parents looking for a quick accessible, secure storage unit in which children's medicines can be safely stored will invest in a drawer safe. Recall the stories you hear about how many kids get access to drugs from the family's medicine cabinet and you can understand why worried parents will purchase a drawer safe for peace of mind, knowing that not family medication is safe from the inquisitive hands of their precious children .

Drawer safes are also becoming increasing popular in hotels, replacing the more conventional cupboard safes. As guestroom size diminishes, especially among city center hotels due to rising real estate costs, maximizing in-room space is critical and drawer safes free up space in the main cupboard or closet. Most modern hotels being built will now specify drawer safes which have the added advantage of holding a variety of laptop sizes.