Driveway and Walkway Projects That Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Have you checked out the curb appeal of your home lately? Does your home reflect your style? Perhaps it’s time to plan some improvements to your driveway and walkways. An upgrade will make your return from work sweeter and impress your neighbors and visitors as well as yourself.

Adding paver stones will have a great impact on your driveway and walkways. Colors, textures and patterns tend to slow down traffic, while uniform surfaces and large paver stones will cause people to pass by without a glance. If you choose a smaller pattern, you may want to add a border or an additional pattern such as a slate seamless texture used in stamped concrete. To get an idea of how a paving pattern might look, visit sites with completed projects and have samples brought in and laid down as though they were already set. This will help you make pattern and color choices.

If you are on a budget, you can add natural stone or pavers in a grid pattern or as borders. Borders can be a contrasting or complementary stone inlay or a solid brick course along the edge of the walkway. Be aware that borders can give the illusion of a smaller area; they work well on driveways but probably should not be used on walkways under four feet in length.

Driveways and walkways don’t have to be straight. A long meandering driveway, especially through a wooded area, creates a feeling of privacy. If you want the convenience of driving up to the front door, the Governor style driveway has two entrance/exit points to the street and makes a half-circle in front of the house, creating an elegant and gracious approach to your home.

One way to personalize your walkways and steps is to add artisanal tile mosaics. While mosaics are hearty and durable, they also have a delicate quality that adds beauty and elegance to your walkway. Any mosaic installation must be done together with other stonework. It’s best to work with a mosaic designer or artist to create a tile plan.

While it may be tempting to go all out with a driveway and walkway upgrade, you do not want to detract from your beautiful landscaping. Don’t add an extravagant driveway or walkway if it will not blend well with your architectural design or landscape.