Driveway Pavers – Do it Yourself

A perfectly manicured Driveway Pavers, right after the entrance of your home, has the power of converting your home into a mansion. It has been observed numerous times, how this can alter the overall looks and the beauty of your home.

Earlier, you always needed a professional to make such an elegant arrangement. However, in case the total area to be paved is not more than 500 square feet, you can yourself initiate the construction process. Just that you need some sort of practicality to your approach, little bit of mathematics, few weekend hours and of-course a set of tools. Your driveway is ready!

The first step in the construction of Driveway Pavers is to make a proper planning. Make a diagram of the area which needs to be converted into a driveway. You should carefully note down the existing building, or any structure which needs to be altered.

Second step includes arranging the proper materials such as construction tools and the stone/granite which will be finally used in the paving.

Excavation is the third step. For the vehicles to pass comfortably, you need to excavate close to 9′ to 12′ of land. Once excavated, you can use a leveler to level the land.

A single layer of sand is always recommended just above the excavated land and below the pavers. This is the fourth step.

The next step includes arranging the driveway pavers: mostly stones or granites. You should cut these accordingly, as per the need and arrange them as per the plan. The pavers must be either diagonally or in the diamond pattern arranged on the sand bed. The ends should be at 90 degree to each other. If required, the stone also needs to be cut using the stone cutter. Wearing of the safety glasses is always recommended

That’s it. The paved driveway is ready. Let the sand and the paved stones for few days to be properly set in.