Drop Ceiling

Before you start your basement ceiling decide weather you will drywall your basement ceiling or install a drop ceiling. If you find it difficult to choose, consider some of the advantages and disadvantages below.


– The idea of being able to access the electrical wiring to add or remove some lights in without having to damage the drywall is one of the advantages of a basement drop ceiling.

– Air ducts need to be repaired or even replaced.

– How about water leaks from hot or cold water lines? Any repairs and modifications that you might need to do on these lines and ducts can be very costly if you have to open an area in the basement ceiling. But not with a dropped ceiling, just remove as many ceiling tiles as needed and put them back when you are done. It is that simple. In my opinion, drop ceiling tiles are by far the best choice for a basement ceiling.

– You can choose from different styles of ceiling tiles and textures. Choose your tiles carefully. Keep in mind that the bigger the tiles the less work since you do not have use have to use as many.

– Once the tiles are in place the ceiling is finished without having to tape and paint it.


– Reduction of head room – a minimum of 4in is required to slide the ceiling tiles in place.

– Cost, ceiling tiles cost more money then drywall, although there is a way to cut down on the cost of a drop ceiling.