Drugstores Vs Hair Salons Flat Irons

For those on a budget, spending a good chunk of money on a high quality and expensive flat iron is not always an option. So are you still wondering about the basic difference between the hair salon flat irons and the cheaper priced drugstore brands of flat irons?

By doing a range of comparisons between the least expensive to the most expensive, you can really decide on the best deal for you.

Between the top-notch lines of flat irons, all the way down to the cheaper priced there are variances in many of the functions and quality offered. Most all of the higher priced market lines of flat irons have inbuilt cutting edge technological advancements combined all in one models. You can not expect that in low range cheap models.

To start with, flat irons like the T3 Flat Irons, Farouk Chi Flat irons and a hand full of other high end flat irons all only have ceramic plates. Ceramic plates are what the professional stylists require because of the evenness of heat, the ease of how the flat iron gently slides down the hair from the roots, and the smooth silkiness that is associated from using the ceramic plates. Even spread of heat is very important for the ultimate best result of flat iron styling. The ceramic plates make for less flat iron damage because of the ceramic never peels or gets damaged even after rough use. This is not true for other types of flat iron plates which only have ceramic coating like GHD flat irons.

Inbuilt safety features, hi end state of art ergonomic design and latest technological features make high end flat irons such as FHI Heat much in demand even after a higher than normal price. These styling irons have ionic technology that is proven to reduce hair damage and seal in moisture. Nano technologies and Tourmaline hair safety features are incorporated within the flat iron which is a revolutionary scientifically proven method of the negative ionic charge to counter act the positive ionic charge. When the negative ionic charge from the flat iron neutralizes the positive charge of dry brittle hair, your hair will be smoother and shinier after styling.

With the cheaper models of flat irons, there are the same features of full swivel cords, changeable variable heat settings, and different size plate choices. But the plates are made of copper or even worse, aluminum plates. Although copper plates are a step up from aluminum, there is going to be some hair pulling and catching and eventually there will most likely be hair damage with regular use.
Unfortunately, none of the cheapest priced brands will have any of the advanced technological features of hair protective Tourmaline and Nano technology, nor are they ergonomically designed. Many of them are powerful, like the line of Conair Flat Irons, and most all will heat up very quickly. There is even a Conair Ceramic but it is not good for travel due to the lack of dual voltage, and again the extra protective features of technological advancements are not included.

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